About us

Halcyon Retreat is named after Halcyon Kingfishers and we have both fishing and forest species on the property. The smaller Azure Kingfisher plays on our lower creek side slopes and the larger Kookaburra can be seen and heard throughout the property.

Halcyon Retreat is also named after “Halcyon Days”, originating from Greek mythology referring to the calm and peaceful 14 days about the winter solstice. We hope you have the opportunity of enjoying the scenery, peace and calm of Halcyon Retreat.

Your hosts

Host Steve and Lesley

Host Steve and Lesley

Steve is a consulting engineer and Lesley a local medical practice registered nurse.

Together they created Halcyon Retreat in year 2002 after returning from USA where Steve worked for a few years. They now operate Halcyon Retreat in addition to their professions. However they previously lived and established another business in the local area from 1980 to 1988; DiveQuest, a scuba diving school training people to dive, running dive trips to the Solitary Islands and the Pacific, selling and servicing dive equipment from 2 Dive Shops in the area.

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Previous dive boat operators Love getting out and about in the local estuaries Steve an dLesley Moody have a passion for horses at Halcyon Retreat

During that time and on their return to Woolgoolga they served as Executive Members of the Chamber of Commerce and Lesley managed the local Visitors Information Center  part-time.

In what spare time they have, they are keen divers and kayakers and have a passion for horses.